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How to publish guest posts? supports paid to publish guest posts, you can pay through PayPal, and then email us the content of the posts as attachments. After receiving your payment, we will post your article for you as soon as possible child.

How to publish guest posts
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How to publish guest posts

Send me your articles, I will post it to my website. Benefits of publish guest posts:

  1. High-quality external links can be established.
  2. Increase traffic
  3. Grow your brand
  4. Build search engine and domain authority
  5. Boost your online Influence

Email:, When sending an email, replace # with @.

I will provide you with services

  1. Allow publishing posts in English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
  2. Add keywords to your posts, of course, you can also specify
  3. Request high quality for your posts, no less than 5 post comments (not spam comments)


1. Your article allows 350-1200 words

2. The number of external links in the article does not exceed 10 (dofollow).

3. Content must be unique/original

4. No illegal or immoral related content.

Note: The guest post needs to be written by yourself, and no more than 10 external links are allowed. There can be pictures, external videos, etc., and send it to me using attachment files or other methods.

If you request a PayPal refund after payment, whether it is two months or longer, and I have posted the post you want to publish to my website, I will delete it.

If your article is not allowed to be published, Your money would be refunded.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. 

Looking forward to read and publish your article.

Get in touch today.

Thank you.

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