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What Is Wealthy Affiliate About, 2020 Best Tutorial

If this is the first time you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate, this is the right one for you. This 10 minutes tutorial post will tell you what is Wealthy Affiliate about. I live in China and started making money online 2 years ago. I learned about the Wealthy Affiliate through google. Of course, for non-native English speakers, it is difficult to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is at first.

Now is 2020, and I would like to share some of my experiences of joining the Wealthy Affiliate. I will tell you what is Wealthy Affiliate and why I chose Wealthy affiliate to start my online business.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About, 2020 Best Tutorial 1

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training and online marketing community website founded by two American network marketing experts Kyle and Carson in 2005. In this article, we will briefly describe Wealthy Affiliate as WA.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate - Wealthy Affiliate founders: Kyle and Carson
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate founders: Kyle and Carson

In the early days, WA only provided keyword search functions. After 15 years of development, it has become an education platform and social network platform for online marketing business now.

WA’s online training course is very simple. You can follow the videos step by step to do the operation, even if your English is not good. But you need to be patient. For novices and senior marketers, the focus of WA training is to teach you how to succeed online and build a long-term business.

WA’s training courses involve how to attract website traffic naturally, how to form your own brand and increase revenue through websites and social platforms. WA has more than 1.5 million members from more than 190 countries around the world. They verify the success of affiliate marketing.

Through the introduction above, I believe you already understand what Wealthy affiliate is. In the following content, you will see what WA can bring you. If you want to learn to make money online, you can join WA through the button below.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Start Your Online Business

What can Wealthy Affiliate Training?

WA is powerful. Generally speaking, its training can teach you how to make money online. The training includes everything about making money online and affiliate marketing, from website building tools, domain name registration, web hosting, website content writing, keywords tools, mutual aid communities, classrooms, and other courses. There are different courses for students at different levels. Wealthy affiliate is also a great affiliate. Of course, you can also make money through WA.

Are you ready? Come to WA Online Business

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that teaches you how to start your online business on the internet. No matter what your background is, what technology you have, How is your knowledge and experience, as long as you can get online and write, WA can teach you to start an online business. Wealthy Affiliate has a high evaluation in the field of making money online, mainly based on the following points:

  1. Training for beginners(very easy and completely free!).
  2. Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses.
  3. You can ask for advice and help from other members, and they are very enthusiastic and sincere.
  4. 13 fully interactive classrooms with video tutorials on how to start and how to collect money.
  5. Online help, available 24/7.
  6. Free members can build 1 website, the main point is free of charge.
  7. Don’t worry about security issues, WA will solve them.
  8. Free membership (some other marketing affiliates require a fee)
  9. Insist on learning and action, you will ultimately succeed
What Is Wealthy Affiliate - wealthy affiliate training
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – wealthy affiliate training

The above are the advantages of WA. Are you ready? Join Wealthy affiliate to start your online business. Here’s some comment about WA’s courses form its members.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About, 2020 Best Tutorial 2
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Member comments

New Member’s Comments on WA

I wrote this blog post at 23:00 Beijing time, you can see that there are still many members of the WA community online.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate - new member comments
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – new member comments

In 2018, I decided to upgrade to be a premium member after one week of WA experiencing. I spent $ 299 renewal on Black Friday, and after that, the renewal would only cost $ 299 too(though not Black Friday). This is one of the most useful benefits WA gives to its members. It deeds cost some money, But it is worthy. Because I get more and better services. This is also the different benefits between the premium members and free members.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About, 2020 Best Tutorial 3
What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a website community that teaches people to make money online. It is also an affiliate. It provides various tools, method videos, online help and other services for online business, and builds a community platform for Wealthy Affiliate members to learn and communicate with each other.

The WA community is unique. If you intend to send ads or spam after joining, it will not work. Once found or members report, your account will be canceled. If you are here to learn how to make money online, what are the principles, whether the successful methods of WA members can be copied and start your own online business, WA is the right one for you.

Kely and Carson, the founders of WA, often answer questions online. Such as website building tools, advertising strategies, website operations, online marketing niche selection and so on.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Start Your Online Business

Sum Up What Wealthy Affiliate Is About

• Have excellent affiliate marketing courses
• Integrated WordPress website building platform-tools
• Together with WordPress cloud hosting platform
• Integrated Jaaxy keyword query tool
• It’s an independent affiliate program, you can use it to make money
• There are many members all over the world who like to make money online, such as Amazon, eBay, CJ, Clickbank, Linkshare, Shareasale, etc.,

Compare it with any other courses, website building tools, hosting, keyword tools, community, price factors, etc., you will find WA is excellent through the above I introduced. According to my long-term review of websites that make money online, I found no company is better than the wealthy affiliate. My native language is not English, but I joined WA to start my online business with no hesitation. Are you ready?

Join Wealthy Affiliate Start Your Online Business

Am I suitable for Wealthy Affiliate?

I live in China. I also had this question when I joined WA. Because I’m very busy, and my English was not very good. Doubt on how to start, so many things to learn, etc. In fact, what I want to say is to take the first step bravely and you will find that it is not as difficult as you think.

There are many junior training courses (affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs) for newbies. You just need to follow the guidance of WA and follow the training course step by step. Therefore, WA is suitable for marketers of any experience, age, and country, and WA is suitable for mobile devices such as mobile phones and iPads.

No matter where you are, as long as there is the internet, you can use WA to make money online, learn on it and ask for help.

Sum up: To start an online business and make money online, you just need to join WA and follow the training courses step by step. Because they are the experience and best practices shared by countless people.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Start Your Online Business

Newbie Wealthy Affiliate Youtube Tutorial

What is Wealthy Affiliate – Youtube Tutorial

Wealthy Affiliate Training Course System

Wealthy affiliate training is comprehensive, systematic and comprehensive. There are introductory training videos for beginners to guide them. For members with a certain foundation, WA provied advanced courses to meet their requirements.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate -  Training Course
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Training Course

Click the Training button on the member’s main interface, you can see that the training is divided into Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp, which are training for entry and advanced knowledge respectively. There are many online training methods.

• Live online training once a week
• Question Time
• Classified training courses on different topics
• Interactive discussion
• Operational video training
• Coursework to deepen your understanding

WA has more than 1,000 training modules. Its training system is very comprehensive. After training, you will learn various business models for making money online, and how to build your own online business model to earn passive income.

Wealthy Affiliate Tool Introduction

Wealthy Affiliate provides many tools for premium members. These tools provide a strong guarantee for your online business and can help you do the following.

1. Jaaxy keyword research tool
2. Siterubix build your website quickly (only 4 steps)
3. High-value and low-competition keyword list
4. WA host service (Can build 10 websites after March 16, 2020)
5. 3000+ website templates to choose to build beautiful websites
6. Quickly Writing Tool (Site Content), includes a copyright-free image library and a grammar check function (useful for people whose native language is not English)

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Service

WA’s hosting service is very nice. Those who do not have any website building experience can use the fast website building tools provided by WA.

If we rent a VPS or virtual host to build a website, we need to do a lot of settings. These operations are tedious, and an error during the operation will make you feel helpless.

WA provides the simplest, most powerful and fastest free website building tool, siterubix, which can use the world’s most open-source program WordPress to help you build your promotion niche website.

WA Website Building Steps

Siterubix can create a WordPress website in 4 simple steps. If you want to know the details, please read the article Building Your Website. It was unimaginable in the past when we built our own website. WA’s founder Kyle, created a website in just 29 seconds in his demo video.

In 2018, I built a Chinese blog site, and it took me a lot of time to learn how to manage VPS, how to install the control panel and optimize WordPress. After becoming a paid member of WA, you only need to spend time on learning WA training courses, how to run a good website, how to write good niche articles, how to research keywords, etc. In short, you only need to do the core work and leave other things to WA.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate – build your niche site

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The choice of niche keywords determines whether our network marketing is correct, so we need to use a powerful keyword tool. The Jaaxy keyword tool is the best keyword tool that WA members can use for free. Choosing the best Keywords will bring considerable traffic to our niche website. When your niche website has traffic, it is possible to generate a conversion rate so that you can earn commissions.

Remember this universal formula for making money: the amount you make = traffic * conversion rate * commission ratio

The main way of website SEO optimization is keyword optimization. By positioning and optimizing keywords in content, we can improve the ranking of our website in search engines such as Google. It would be the best result if it can be ranked on the homepage. Don’t be too back If it is not on the homepage, because no visitors will pay attention to the website too back. If too back, natural traffic will be less.

In this era of Content is king, the key point of content is to promote optimized keywords. Jaaxy will help you a lot when choosing keywords.

Site Content Tool

Site Content provided by WA is a tool to assist you in writing. It can check English spelling, keyword density and post to your niche website directly. You can feel its advantages Significantly when you have dozens of sites. With WA’s SiteContent, you can streamline your entire writing process!

wealthy affiliate site content
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Member Center

Site Content Check Grammar

site content check grammar
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Check Grammar

After finishing an article, click the ABC button, it can check the keyword density of the webpage automatically. It is a keyword query optimization tool. You’d better control the keyword density at about 2% in the article.

If you have basic knowledge of SEO, you may think that increasing keyword density to build keywords can effectively improve rankings. In fact, that is not useful for achieving better rankings. The best practice is to insert keywords in your article naturally. Therefore you cannot rely on tricking search engines to get traffic. If you do like that, your traffic will disappear when the search engine algorithm changes.

 What Is Wealthy Affiliate - Content is King
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Content is King

For blog posts or niche articles, one word to remember is: Content is king.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

With the support of the Wealthy Affiliate community, we don’t have to learn to build websites and solve problems ourselves. Everything can be solved in the community. Of course, after getting help from others, don’t forget to say: thank you for help!

WA’s community members are very active, you can send your questions directly in Live chat. There will be members to answer your questions after a while.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Center

There are many forms for help in the WA community:

1. 365 days and 24 hours online Q & A
2. Interactive discussion
3. Online Q & A
4. Private chat with community experts

Wealthy affiliate member center
What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Although wealthy affiliate is an English website and the content is also English, it does not hinder people’s communication for non-native English speakers. Just like me, I live in China, and I often use google translation. After join WA, you can establish your fan group in the WA community. In other words, you can establish your network in WA. You can show your websites and products to the members of this network. Whenever you post a message or ask a question, members who follow you will be notified. It will greatly increase the visibility of your website and products.

Learn From Successful People

Many new members join the WA community every day. There are many successful people. We can know them through the WA community and learn from them. You can also share their successful experiences in the community by training blogs and answering questions to all members.

1. Read their blog post to learn from their experience
2. Ask them questions and get 1 to 1 help and answers
3. Open their website to learn and improve your website

All these things are free for WA members.

In addition, in the first 2 months after I joined WA, I have been studying training courses. The thing that annoys me is that my English is not very good. Sometimes I have to use google translation to understand the content of the course.

Most people only registered and did not take action. Just do it, otherwise, you will always google for how to make money online.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Start Your Online Business

What can Wealthy Affiliate do?

There may be many questions when newbies join the WA. For example, how do I start an online business at wealthy affiliate? How do I make money online? How do I build my niche website?

In fact, what I want to tell you is that when you joined WA, you need to study the training courses carefully. As long as you understand the principle of making money online, you will find it easy to make money online. It’s not so complicated as you think. Wealthy Affiliate Training courses and communities introduce a lot of ways to make money from online business. You just need to find the right one for you. Once joined WA, there are two common ways of operation.

• Choose a niche keyword based on your interests and hobbies to build a niche website for online marketing promotion

For example, if you like or are good at certain things, such as football, travel, electronics, fitness, yoga, and so on, you can choose these hobbies or specialties as your network marketing promotion direction (Any direction is OK. If the direction is right, do not be afraid of competition. WA has detailed courses which will teach you how to avoid competitors). As the start of your career of making money online, use it to turn your hobbies, specialties, hobbies, etc. into a profitable full-time online business model.

• Build your own niche website.

Sum up, in short, build your own niche keyword marketing website through WA. By WA tools, you can promote any product on your website, and you can advertise any affiliate on your website (Such as Amazon, CJ, Rakuten, Google Alliance, etc.) at the same time.

Member Types for Wealthy Affiliate

There are two types of WA’s membership. One is permanently free, the other one is the premium member which is divided into annual members ($358/year, Black Friday becomes a premium member price $299/year) and monthly membership ($49/month) according to the payment method. If you become a premium member of WA on Black Friday, the renewal price is also the same as Black Friday, which is $299.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Member

Free members of WA can also enjoy top-level services. After you join WA for free, you can get 7/24 help in the first 7 days. You can communicate with experts, open 50 training modules, 2 training classrooms. You can create 2 websites (second-level domain name), and the keyword tool can be used 30 times for free. All the benefits for the free member are shown in the table below.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate -  Free Member
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – Free Member

As shown in the table above, WA’s free membership is also great, without any hidden costs and very transparent. You can use the package solution provided by WA to build your internet marketing website, and solve the web host problem, domain problem, keyword tools, website content construction, affiliate marketing training tutorials, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

There are some hosts and the cost of their promotion is very low. But it’s only the first year’s cost. There are only a few WordPress themes. others more need to charge. Some even charge for privacy protection. These hidden costs are not found in WA. You can see the differences compared with other mainstream hosts abroad in the table below.

 What Is Wealthy Affiliate - WA Hosting
What Is Wealthy Affiliate – WA Hosting

Join Wealthy Affiliate to Avoid Being Cheated

You are very lucky if you read here. You would be far away from the online scam project if you join the WA. In the training course of the WA, it will teach you how to identify the online scam program.

Too many people want to make money through the internet so that it gives them the opportunity to trick others into joining them. Once you join that kind of community or platform, it is not only a matter of losing money and time, but it will also shake your original idea of making money through the development of online business.

In the WA community, you can avoid online scammer projects by communicating with other members. You post the project to the WA community, and members will tell you the truth so that you can avoid losing money and time.

How Newbie Started in WA?

Maybe you still don’t understand after reading this article. My best suggestion is to join WA immediately, learn the training course step by step, and then act. You will naturally understand after some time.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Start Your Online Business

Write at The End

Joining WA as a free member will not cost you any money, but you only have 7 days to enjoy the same benefits as a premium member. In these 7 days, you can view various training courses, website building tools and community forums in WA. There is enough time to experience the cost-effectiveness of WA, and then you can decide whether to upgrade to a Premium MemberShip. The first month has a 59% discount, which is 19 US dollars. Of course, this discount will be automatically canceled after one month. Alternatively, you can wait until Black Friday to join the WA. At that time, the usual price is $299/year.

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      Because my native language is not English, I spent a long time studying training courses in WA, and I also spend several hours on the weekends posting blog posts on the niche website created in WA.

      In fact, I have started to make money now, but I still can’t earn a full-time income, but I will continue to update the website content on the WA and actively learn on the WA.

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